Emergency service workshop would be lost without Rowasher

Rozone’s team have worked with Cambridge Fire and Rescue over a long period of time and remain valuable customers. Previously, the fleet workshop technicians were using rags and sprays, which is time consuming, expensive and not environmentally friendly.

Being a very busy workshop, the Cambridge Fire and Rescue workshop team gave the ROwasher a rigorous testing and were very pleased with the cleaning results. They have also helped provide feedback on the product information and the best routes of communication to technical teams. The machine is used daily by several technicians to clean various vehicle parts, to keep their emergency vehicles on the road.

Rozone was pleased that no modifications were recommended by the Workshop Technicians, showing that the ROwasher met their tough demands first time.

The workshop team said: “Being a Fire Service, we do have to keep our image as clean as possible and having the ROwasher machine certainly helps us achieve this. The new ROwasher has a much better cleaning capability than the previous parts washer. The eco-mode makes the machine cheaper to run. The job is also made far easier using the machine, opposed to working with rags. Our workshop would be lost without it.”

The ROwasher energy saving mode is a key feature of the ROwasher and automatically engages after a period of four hours of inactivity, lowering the fluid temperature to 37°c, which reduces power consumption. This key feature of the ROwasher saves money on daily running costs and Rozone’s scientific testing of microbes verified their optimum working temperature at 37°c.

Source: Rozone

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