Rozone – green cleaning with a green conscience

The demand for ‘green’, environmentally-friendly solutions not only drives the innovation behind their chemical products, but it`s also the colour of their new bioremediating parts washer – ROwasher.

We were all glued to the COP26 coverage, which focused on uniting the world to tackle climate change. Many of you will undoubtably be looking at ways to improve your impact on the environment.

Over two years ago, Rozone made the decision to do something about their own environmental footprint.

Rozone have always been passionate about helping customers reduce their carbon footprint by replacing hazardous cleaning chemicals with water-based or safer solvent-based solutions.

Having been a distributor of parts washers for over 20 years, selling over 25,000 machines across the UK and Europe into a wide variety of industry applications, Rozone decided they needed to review their own impact. They used their industry knowledge to design and manufacture their own bioremediating parts washer.

Supporting British manufacturing reduces our environmental impact

In 2020 Rozone launched their own parts washer – the ROwasher, proudly made in the UK.
The ROwasher uses the clever science of bioremediation, to clean oily and dirty parts. In its simplest description, bioremediation is the process of introducing oil-eating microbes into an environment, to produce a natural, safe, and effective way of cleaning. Bioremediation is nature fixing nature, to dramatically reduce waste fluid generation, and cut the expense of hazardous waste removal, as well as assisting compliance with ISO14001.

Rozone’s Microbial Filter Mat sits within the ROwasher sink and holds up to 200 million safe microbes. Introduced each month through regular changes, the Microbial Filter Mat keeps the parts washer fluid clean for as long as possible. ROwash, the degreasing fluid, ensures oily parts are quickly cleaned with a solvent-free and pH neutral solution, protecting the health and safety of staff whilst safeguarding the environment.

Rozone use decades of industry experience, married with expertise from the University of Wolverhampton, to ensure the ROwasher is the most technologically and environmentally advanced parts washer on the UK market. With a host of ‘green’ credentials, this innovative parts washer with a built-in energy saving eco-mode is a powerful cleaning alternative to solvents.

Innovation is at the heart of British manufacturing.

As a company based in the Black Country for over 25 years, Rozone`s roots and founding in innovation stretch back even further to 1884, with their parent company, Rubery Owen’s beginnings as a leading manufacturing company, producing industrial, automotive, and aerospace components.

Synonymous with quality and enterprise over the years, Rubery Owen has been at the forefront of component technology since the birth of the motor car. Indeed, until the 1980’s many of the cars made in Britain would have had a Rubery Owen product in it, whether a wheel, an axle or a simple bolt.

Keeping the beating heart of innovation alive, Rubery Owen deftly adapted to the world around it and played a significant role in the war effort, manufacturing helmets and bomb casings. As well as the undercarriages for the hugely important Halifax Bomber and hydraulic equipment for the DeHaviland Mosquito.

Rubery Owen was involved in many other projects that might feel familiar; all the steel work for Twickenham’s Rugby Union HQ was fabricated and erected by RO as was the steel work for many famous football clubs, including Manchester United and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The Rubery Owen Group was also involved in The British Racing Motors project from its inception in 1949, acquiring a controlling interest in the early 1950`s. The BRM racing team won the F1 Championship in 1962 and, over the years, many famous drivers drove for BRM – including Juan Manuel Fangio, Graham Hill, Sir Jackie Stewart and Sir Stirling Moss, to name just a few.

In 1964 – Donald Campbell broke the Land Speed Record in Bluebird, created and built by Rubery Owen over the salt beds of Australia’s Lake Eyre.

Rozone is still based in the Black Country, at Rubery Owen’s original manufacturing site in Queen Street, Darlaston. Like it`s forefathers, Rozone continues to innovate and support industrial manufacturing across the UK. For example, when they designed the ROwasher, Rozone honoured its Black Country roots whilst also reducing their environmental impact; by sourcing components and materials close to home.

The ROwasher flies the flag for innovation in workshops across the UK and Europe in a wide variety of industrial applications from Defence, Aerospace, Automotive, Plant Hire, Government, Engineering, Bike Shops and many more.

Just one year after launching ROwasher, Rozone:

  • Saved 657,920 shipping miles and the associated environmental impact by manufacturing here in the UK
  • Helped the average customer save around 42% in energy costs
  • Helped the average customer to reduce their carbon footprint by around 30% per annum
  • Has grown over 5,239,200,000,000 oil-eating microbes

And this is just the beginning. Rozone is a company on a journey to improve its impact on the environment.

After the last of couple of years, we all need a bit of colour in our lives, especially in the dirty world of parts cleaning – choose ‘green’ and do your bit for the environment.

Source: Rozone

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