Tips to maintain your Rozone parts washer

Rozone asked their expert Service Engineer – James Totney, to share his top tips for maintaining a Rozone parts washer, to get the best return on investment for our customers.

The benefit of the bioremediating parts cleaning machines, is that it’s easy for workshops to maintain them in-house, without the need of a costly service contract.

All that`s required is a simple change of the Microbial Filter Mat every month and top-up of ROwash Degreasing Solution when the low fluid indicator light shows.

Getting the best out of your parts washer

James says: “To get the best out of your Rozone parts washer you`ve got to think of the microbes in your machine as workshop pets – they need looking after”.

“The following tips will help keep your parts washer microbes working effectively”:

They need to stay warm – Keep your parts washer plugged in and switched on to maintain the 38°- 42°C temperature, this is when the microbes are most active. Leave them to go cold and these little fellas will start dying off, resulting in a huge build up of oil and grease and a parts washer unfit for purpose.
TOP TIP – It also saves on your energy bill to maintain the parts washer`s temperature instead of switching it on every morning to heat up.
The microbes need feeding – ideally small amounts of oil regularly. If the parts washer is inactive for a long period and the microbes are effectively starved, they may start giving off an odour. However, DO NOT use the parts washer as a waste oil dump.
The microbes only live for one month – they have a good life, they swim in warm waters, they breed, they eat oil and grease, burping it out as harmless gas, but the Microbial Filter Mat must be changed every four weeks to replenish the colony. This keeps the microbes strong and keeps the parts washer fluid cleaner for longer.


This ensures the best cleaning performance from your parts washer.

When to top up solution

James also advises:

“Add 20L ROwash Degreasing Solution when the red low fluid indicator light comes on – as the fluid is heated you may lose some over time through evaporation. There is an indicator light on the machine to tell you when you need to top it up – if left, the pump and heater are disabled as a safety feature – so make sure you always have a spare 20L ROwash Degreasing Solution.”

Clean-out services

Rozone understand that your regular parts washer maintenance schedule may have been disrupted by recent lockdown restrictions. If your machine has been switched off for a long period or the microbial filter mats have not been changed and degreasing fluid not topped up, you may want to consider cleaning out your parts washer.

Their Service Engineer, James Totney is on hand to visit site, to perform clean-out services and fix any mechanical faults, if you are interested or have any questions, James is available directly on 07395 798 510.

Source: Rozone

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