An innovative, new-to-the-market parts washer that delivers a powerful cleaning performance – Rozone


FluidPowerNet welcomes the latest manufacturer, Rozone, to the platform. Rozone specialises in high-performing, innovative cleaning solutions, replacing potentially hazardous chemical products with water-based or safer solvent-based solutions.

Introducing the Rozone ROwasher

ROwasher is the parts cleaning system which employs a method of using natural bioremediation to dramatically reduce waste fluid generation, reducing the expense of hazardous waste removal and bringing savings to the user.

The Rozone ROwasher is the most technologically and environmentally advanced parts washer on the UK market. It makes parts cleaning a quicker, safer, and more pleasant experience. With a host of “green” credentials, this clever eco-friendly parts washer safeguards the health and safety of staff and customers, whilst lowering the impact on the environment – and the electricity bill. The insulated tank and low power eco mode, realises around 42% energy savings.

To find out more about Rozone’s ROwasher, head to their website or visit their profile on the Manufacturers Directory on BearingNet. 


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