AHP is now a Zebra Technologies distributor

Zebra technologies brings new Machine Vision Solutions!

Zebra’s Machine Vision solutions feature a family of smart cameras designed to enhance your operation. From simple track and trace to complex quality inspection checks, you always know what’s happening and can anticipate issues before they impact operations.

To compete in today’s market, manufacturers need improved quality, faster cycle times, and increased visibility and flexibility, all while meeting regulatory compliance. With Zebra’s more than 50 years of leadership in printing, scanning, RFID reading, locationing and mobile computing technologies, manufacturers can rely with total confidence on the performance of our broad portfolio of manufacturing plant floor technology solutions. Drive productivity across the plant floor by leveraging track and trace solutions, rich data capture and predictive analytics. Zebra’s manufacturing plant floor technology solutions deliver the agility you need to compete in today’s market now, and in the future.

Source: Air Hydro Power

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