It’s so good that the customer wanted another one

At Fortress, they pride themselves on their interlock’s longevity and they think this one passed the test. In fact, It’s so good that the customer wanted another one!

amGard 4

The application photo shown below was sent to Fortress by one of their valued customers. The product, amGard 4, was ordered over 20 years ago, in 2000, and is still in use today. This robust and reliable interlock has provided this engine plant with years of dependable safeguarding, resulting in them coming back for more. When another door was required in the engine plant, the customer came back 21 years later asking for another amGard 4. 


The product in the photograph was the forerunner to modularity and was marketed with option pods. Check out the graphics below from the late 1990’s amGard 4 brochure. Times really have changed, but Fortress remains an expert in providing top-rated safety products and services.

1990’s amGard 4 brochure

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