Why timing belts replacement is important

If your vehicle has got over 70 thousand miles on it, there lay a chance for danger you must know about. It’s quite a small part that’s wearing out, and it can result in the destruction of your engine if it breaks before you change it. Yes, it’s the timing belt.

It’s a tiny, toothed belt that joins the camshaft to the crankshaft, adjusting the timing of the valves. It’s durable and requires a lot of loads, but it can never last forever. If it breaks, the pistons quickly start hitting against the open valves, destroying the engine and resulting in a bigger repair price.

When to replace the timing belt?

The timing belt can often result in breaking without any prior symptoms, so if you have reached the mileage window, you should consider it getting replaced as soon as possible. Still, there are certain symptoms that are generally not recognised by people that we are going to talk about here.

  • You Face Difficulty While Starting Your Vehicle- This can happen due to several reasons, but sometimes it’s also due to the ignition timing being off. So it’s better to get your vehicle checked on time.
  • Detectable Exhaust- If your vehicle begins to release out thick smoke from the tailpipe, the fuel isn’t burning correctly, maybe because the valves are not opening or closing at the correct time.
  • Strange Engine Vibrations- When the timing belt gets inflated/stretched or happens to lose teeth, it can result in an abnormal engine’s rhythm (different from the natural ones), resulting in vibrating/shaking of the vehicle.
  • Hot-Running or Leaking engine- Well, these are not the immediate symptoms of a worn-out timing belt, but if the car becomes hotter than usual or is leaking fuels, it can result in undue wear on the belt and may also fail prematurely.

Replacing the timing belt should be a part of regular auto maintenance service, and must be done between 70 thousand to 110 thousand miles. The price of replacing the belt depends on your car type. So, if you require purchasing these timing belts for your vehicle, here’s our recommendation of a reliable online platform that brings in Bearings, Belts & Pulleys, Housed Bearings, PPEs, and Chains & Sprockets at affordable prices.

Source: Bolton Engineering Product

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