Fortress keeps people safe so they can keep our environment safe

Supporting Renewable Resources
Fortress’ trapped key is keeping people working with this Andritz Pellet mill safe. Their products are designed to function in extremely dirty and dusty spaces. This application was a definite challenge but not too much for their products. Fortress’ springless locks can even handle getting covered in concrete so you really can fit and forget them.

Why is this application significant to our environment? The pellets Andritz are milling are making Biofuel which helps reduce the net carbon created by power plants relying on burning things. These technologies are significant to help transition to a carbon neutral world.

Fortress do their part by designing products which are built to endure tough environments and last for a long time to reduce the impact a replacement can have, from shipping parts all over the world to more raw materials being required. There is nothing better for their team to see than twenty-year-old products still doing their job in the field.

Fortress continue to support applications in renewables too. They provide solutions for wind power where their interlocks safeguard staff accessing the internals of massive offshore turbines.

Source: Fortress

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