Hydraulic hoses – The advantages of an integrated systems approach

If hydraulic equipment fails, manufacturing, construction or warehouse activity can come to grinding halt resulting in inactive machinery and operators, not to mention missed customer deadlines. It is imperative that your hydraulic equipment is sourced from a supplier with an established and proven integrated systems approach to design, manufacture and assembly of hydraulic hoses.

In so doing, you will ensure that the integrity of your hydraulic system is given top priority from the design stage, through to commissioning and installation. Moreover, it is also important that the hydraulic equipment supplier can provide the right level of training in cooperation with all authorised sales partners in order to keep operators abreast of the latest technology and occupational health and safety requirements in the manufacture of hydraulic hose lines. And all this should be complemented by full maintenance guidance and assistance as and when required.

Factory-quality assemblies

At Gates, they are committed to providing a full 360-degree service offering to customers. This starts with their Integrated Systems Approach (GISA) to hose assembly. All elements of this process are designed together to produce factory quality assemblies that perform above and beyond any international standard. This approach is how Gates ensures full compliance with the European Machinery Directive.

Gates MegaSys hoses and couplings not only have many advanced-design features, but they are also manufactured to stringent tolerances, allowing consistently high performance. Moreover, there hoses and couplings are designed, tested and validated together – each with the other in mind, resulting in the hose and coupling interface being a perfect fit.

Wherever the hose is assembled, whether this is at a Gates factory or in the back of a service van, the final product is exactly the same and in accordance with Gates’ high standards – the same hose, the same couplings, the same die sets and the same crimp diameter. Indeed, our partners are producing the very same assemblies that we are providing directly to major OEMs, whether they provide mobile service replacement hose assembly or a complete factory hydraulic installation.

The custom-design advantage

Gates self-assembly machines and dies are custom-designed to work with the MegaSys next-generation range of hose and couplings. Gates dies are characterised by a proprietary profile design for an optimal cylindrical crimp. Gates proprietary die designs also require fewer die sets to crimp our whole range of hoses and couplings, which minimise changeovers and storage space. They are tried, tested and validated to provide you with optimal crimp settings. The die sets are also logically organised to facilitate the most convenient die selection every time.

Beyond international standards

When Gates MegaSys hose and couplings are crimped in accordance with the Gates Integrated System, they yield factory-quality assemblies that are fully compliant to European Directives and legislation exceeding all international standards.

Source: Hydraulic & Pneumatics Mag

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