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During these times of uncertainty facing our supply chains in the fluid power industry as well as general purpose manufacturing and machining, Mack Automation find themselves in a unique position. Not only are they a fluid power cylinder manufacturer and distributor but also a general purpose machine shop.

Not only do they have a top notch crew of highly skilled machinists with modern equipment with which to work, but they also have global partners to reach out to in the rare occasions that their customers demands exceed our capabilities

Mack Automation was founded in 1970 and the secret to our success over the years has been to remain flexible when it comes to the needs of our customers, and that flexibility has never been needed more than it is needed now.

Actuators; if you find yourself in a bind because the compact, hydraulic, or pneumatic, actuator that you normally use is not in stock and you are faced with an unacceptable lead time, contact Mack Automation for their standard alternative products. If the standard products do not meet your requirements, the company will gladly offer a quote for a custom cylinder to meet your requirements.

Machined parts; either minimal quantity or thousands, we would be happy to offer a quote for your upcoming project. Steel, stainless, aluminium, bronze, plastics, etc. Just send Mack Automation a drawing and our design engineers will work closely with you to meet your needs.

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Phone: +1 928-526-1120


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