Would you like us to host a face-to-face meeting for FluidPowerNet members?

We have been holding face-to-face “User Meetings” for over 15 years with our sister company BearingNet and they are hugely successful.

I would love to introduce these events to FluidPowerNet when the world goes back to normal. I’m thinking autumn 2022…

We hold the meetings every 15-18 months at a hotel in Europe, a different location each time – they run over 3 days and give delegates the opportunity to meet and talk business, to have a beer together and get to know the companies that you are working with.

Take a look at this video from our event in Warsaw, it will give you a great idea of the format for the meetings. There are no presentations or speeches, just great networking giving you the space to time meet and talk with each other!

In the mean time, as the world is not yet ready for face-to-face meetings I am thinking of offering a Virtual User Meeting in September, we just held a Virtual User Meeting on BearingNet, and although it’s no where near as good as the real thing is definitely filled a gap!

You will be able to book private meetings with attendees (video calls) and also join our networking room where you can put yourself on a table and chat with whoever is at that table (all your video screens will pop up on your screen) this is a lot like our Welcome Reception.

Oh, and the FluidPowerNet Virtual Meeting will be completely free to attend!

I would love to get some feedback from members on the Virtual Meeting and joining our face-to-face meetings…..


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