Why is maintenance and lubrication critical?

BMG's dry running conveyor components for the food and beverage

Maintenance is critical

Apart from the supply of all components and accessories needed to maintain critical food and beverage processing and handling, BMG offers field services to customers in need of assistance.

These services include mobile breakdown, repair and maintenance support, that ensure production plants are up and running as quickly as possible following a breakdown. During the lockdown period, BMG’s Fluid Technology Low Pressure division has assisted with numerous breakdowns at bakeries, bottling plants and food preparation facilities.

These repair projects involved pneumatics, valves, filtration, lubricants and lubrication systems, as well as instrumentation and pumps. The team is currently working with customers in preparation for resumption of a full start-up by identifying possible problematic areas within the plant, to pre-empt possible breakdowns and thus save the plant from downtime and loss of production.

Why lubrication is critical

According to BMG specialists, the introduction of a structured maintenance management programme, which can be implemented in-house, or partially outsourced to a professional organisation, is critical to maximising production efficiencies. Conditioning monitoring identifies lubrication problems, misalignment and vibration troubles and also helps in identifying the causes of the damage, so that equipment can be fixed before further damage occurs. This means reduced downtime, efficient production and substantial cost savings.

The effects of friction and the resulting wear of moving components in food and beverage production, are significantly reduced by effective lubrication. Through a wide range of synthetic oils, lubricants and bespoke lubrication systems and the support of a technically competent team – food and beverage plants can achieve energy-savings, minimise downtime, reduce maintenance requirements and achieve extended service life of components

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