“The COVID-19 experience has educated us to use technology in a better way as a company, to reduce the effect it had on our daily activities”

La Ricambi

Due to La Ricambi diversifying into different markets such as food, health and other essential activities they did not close all our activity. However, they were still imposed with losses and had to find a way to reduce the effect it had on us as a business.

At La Ricambi Udinese they offer consultancy and fast solutions to filtration problems which they do by visiting our customers and having a look in person. However, due to restrictions set in place from COVID-19 they were unable to continue and our business, built on our presence in the field, was not possible anymore.

Luckily in the last couple of years, the company have chosen to have a bigger presence on the internet, in the same way improving their capacities to cope with the internet and utilising the new technologies that are present on the market to communicate and transfer data to the final customers.

Based on La Ricambi’s new standard of communication, they do our best to satisfy requests from our customers: using video calls, picture analysis and analysing samples received via courier.

This made it possible for us to continue our job in a safe way for us and for our customers too. As a matter of fact, this new way to proceed brought us other customers since at this point the distance was not an issue anymore.

In the same way this new ability to use new technologies with an increased warehouse, they have been able to restore our sales to a level similar or in line with the previous years although they had some big losses in first months of the year due to COVID-19.

The COVID-19 experience has educated us to use technology in a better way as a company to reduce the affect it had on our daily activities. In another way,  they have learned from this experience to be more attentive and to “work more as a team” since every error made by one of the team, could become fatal to the rest of us.

Although it was a massive problem for us at the start, COVID-19 gave us an opportunity to work in unity and a bigger capacity to react to our customers faster, and better communication throughout the company.

However, although it was a very difficult time, luckily, they did not suffer any problems with our deals or lose any customers even though when lockdown occurred it was very unexpected to the company. However, they have taken the initiative to learn fast and take the adversity as an opportunity to change and develop.

Website: www.laricambiudinese.it
Email: info@laricambiudinese.it
Phone: +39 0432 611221


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