HYDRO ZNPHS Sp. z o. o. – The largest supplier of power hydraulics in Poland

HYDRO ZNPHS Sp. z o. o. - The largest supplier of power hydraulics in Poland

HYDRO ZNPHS Sp. z o. o. was established in 1988 in Bielsko-Biała, Poland and from the beginning they have produced, traded and repaired power hydraulic components.

Currently, HYDRO focuses its activities on the trade and production of power hydraulics components.

Consistent development policies has led to the achievement of a high level of sales and at the same time to gaining the leading position on the Polish market.

Established contacts with valued and known leaders in the hydraulic industry (IMM, ATOS, MP FILTRI, MTC, COMATROL, GUARNITEC, VIVOIL, CAST, STUCCHI, TRANSFER OIL and many others), intensive and persistent work & technical progress contributed to professional, fast and professional customer service, guaranteeing the highest quality services.

Over the past 30 years, their stable and professional workforce in every department of the company has matured and established itself.

HYDRO prides itself on :

  • Experienced and qualified staff in each production unit
  • Reliable and efficient service of all warehouses
  • Professional and flexible commercial and technical staff
  • Own construction department, which enables technical consultancy and meeting individual customer needs
  • A professional and responsible administrative department

Hydro is a company that constantly invests in expanding infrastructure by developing IT solutions and modernising the machinery. Each new investment is designed to increase the technical level of customer service and the ability to offer a product and service of the highest quality.

If you think HYDRO ZNPHS Sp. z o. o. can help your company get in touch with them today!

Website: https://www.hydro.com.pl/
Email: biuro@hydro.com.pl
Phone: Hydro ZNPHS phone catalogue

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