Oilgear make the products you need and the products you don’t know you need yet.

Over the years, Oilgear has seen and been through it all–literally. Whether it’s far off in a remote mine, the depths of the ocean or helping men land on the moon, they are dedicated to being problem-solvers. The ones who take on the challenges that others dare not even try.

Oilgear are a manufacture of pumps, valves and engineering systems and have headquarters across the world.

The engineers at Oilgear are always up for a good challenge, whether it’s making sure you can use our products in the dirtiest, grimiest situations, or you need to pump fluids with a lot of contaminants. Their engineers can solve it.

“There’s no time for downtime, the world demands Oilgear.” – Oilgear

Time and time again it has been proven that when all else fails, it won’t with Oilgear.

Their certified team of hydraulic experts help make things right when everything feels like it’s going wrong. Every application, every time. The engineers and service technicians understand all the products and your application so you can be certain Oilgear is here to make sure you keep downtime to a minimum.

If you think Oilgear can help your company, visit their website below or get in contact with them today.

Email: enquiries@oilgear.com
Phone: +44 (0) 113 394 7300
Website: https://www.oilgear.com/

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