On FPN you can buy all brands – there are no restrictions!

Think of FluidPowerNet as a supermarket….loads of sellers, loads of different brands and you can buy whatever brand you want!

When speaking to distributors, a lot of people are asking us if they can only buy brands of the manufacturers they are authorised/in partnership with…the answer is no, there are no restrictions on FPN!

If your customer comes to you with a requirement for a part, one that you can’t find in your local network and one that is not the brand that you are authorised in, you don’t need to turn this customer away or send them to another distributor, you can use FPN to search for the part, find who has it in stock and get it for your customer.

In regards to the type of brands that distributors are selling on FluidPowerNet, we have 450, a mix of hydraulic, pneumatic and automation brands. These range from top line brands to more bespoke and specialised ones.

Here is a full list showing all of the brands, how many lines of that brand are being listed on FPN and how many distributors have uploaded this brand to the platform: https://www.fluidpowernet.net/About/BrandList

If you want to be connected to over 200 distributor to make sourcing and selling parts much quicker and easier then try FluidPowerNet FREE for 14 days.


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