50 years experience in the Industry – Fimo SPA (Fimo) have joined FluidPowerNet

FluidPowerNet would like to welcome Fimo SPA (Fimo) as the newest member to join!

Fimo SPA (Fimo) were established in 1969 and were firstly called, TASSI & FIMO after their founders. In the early days they had a narrow range of products: rubber items, plastics, transmission belts for the ceramic industry.

However, very soon they recognised the signs of globalisation and therefore changed their scope of the company and oriented the company to a wider market aiming at an expansion of their range of products and services, starting with the pneumatic components and compressed air systems segment.

Here are the current products and services they provide:

  • Industrial acoustics
  • Hydraulic automation
  • Pneumatic automation
  • Electromechanical drives
  • Systems and components for painting
  • Compressors and compresses air networks
  • Industrial wheels
  • Cooling systems
  • Industrial pipes
  • Industrial tools
  • Workshop and services

If you think Fimo SPA (Fimo) can help your company, visit their website below or get in contact with them today.

Email: https://www.fimospa.it/
Phone: +39 0536 877811
Website: info@fimospa.it

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