FluidPowerNet’s newest member: Aztec Hydraulics Inc.

FluidPowerNet would like to welcome our newest member, Aztec hydraulics Inc.!

Aztec Hydraulics Inc. was founded by Glenn Jones in 1984 with a small team of technicians providing specialised hydraulic repairs for local equipment businesses. Their mission from the start was to provide quality hydraulic parts and repairs that would have a long life expectancy.

Aztec now has more than 50 team members working together to solve hydraulic challenges faster for customers while maintaining their commitment to quality. They are now currently putting new systems in place to meet the growing parts and service needs of customers.

Additionally, to further assist customers, in 2020 Aztec are implementing a new Sage ERP system, launching a Shopify eCommerce Store, recruiting strong industry talent etc which will further lead to a more robust business to serve their growing customers.

If you think Aztec Hydraulics Inc. can help your company, visit their website below or get in contact with them today.

Email: sales@aztechydraulics.com
Phone: +(877) 873-8080
Website: www.aztechydraulics.com

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