Pumps & Pressure Inc. are the newest members to join FluidPowerNet

FluidPowerNet would like to welcome our newest member: Pumps & Pressure Inc.

Pumps & Pressure Inc. are a top tier supplier for key brands you know and trust including CAT Pumps, DV air compressors and Samson lubrication equipment. Additionally, they distribute top quality products such pressure washers, air compressors, hydraulics, car washes and more from the leaders in the hydraulic industry.

“We have two simple philosophies: You are able to have the right equipment for every application, every time and we service what we distribute. Which means you can have the confidence that you have the right equipment, and that it is professionally serviced when needed.” – Pumps & Pressure Inc.

If you think Pumps & Pressure Inc. can help your company, visit their website below or get in contact with them today.

Phone: +1 888 430 9359
Website: https://www.pumpsandpressure.com/

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