Movicontrol S.A Joins FluidPowerNet!

Movicontrol S.A are a Portuguese company in the hydraulic and pneumatic industry that were established in 1987.

Additionally, the company manufacture’s hydraulic power units (control stations), for different applications, such as presses, lifting platforms, dams, marine industry, compactors, special machines, and others, according with the ultimate technologies.

Movicontrol highlights the key features that have boosted their success over the last 30 years:

  • An elevated technical knowledge within the industry.
  • A constant search for better and innovating solutions.
  • A strong technical assistance, which plays a major role in is activity.
  • Along with the design office, Movicontrol created well equipped workshops, to manufacture and repair products for their customers.
  • The workshop has allowed for a variety of high quantity products to be manufactured.

If you think MoviControl S.A. can help your company visit their website today!

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