Parker Hannifin maintains operations at Romanian belt-drive factory

Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has worked with PH Technique SRL to help solve oil leakage problems, and reduce machine downtime to only four hours per week at Arntz Optibelt Group’s factory in Romania.

Optibelt is a global manufacturer of belt drives, which are used in the automotive, agricultural, and household appliance industries. The family-run company, which is headquartered in Höxter (North Rhine-Westphalia) in Germany, runs eight production sites in six different countries. At its factory in Baia Mare City, Romania, the company was experiencing oil leakage problems with its equipment and wanted to reduce machine cycle time as well as production downtime.

Parker Hannifin collaborated with PH Technique to research and analyse factory operations, which included more than 20 machines. As part of a tailored solution, ten power units were changed inside the plant and machines were repaired with all new pipes and hoses to stop oil leakage. For this project, Parker’s series of PVplus axial piston pumps were used, along with 301SN hoses, D1VW directional control valves, sensors, bladder accumulators, Ermeto Original hydraulic pipes and leak-free fittings.

Following the two-year repair and overhaul, PH Technique continues to maintain the plant each year during shutdown through a detailed maintenance plan. It changes all filters, oil, and hydraulic hoses, visually inspects the pumps, and refills the Nitrogen accumulators. To maintain optimum operation of the hydraulic circuit, the gas-loaded accumulators from Parker’s Accumulator and Cooler Division Europe were incorporated as essential components to enable energy storage, pressure compensation, shock absorption

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