Hydraulic Component Specialists – FluidPowerNet welcomes DHPS!

Hydraulic Component Specialists - FluidPowerNet welcomes DHPS!

DHPS is specialised in the supply of all hydraulic components in brands such as Rexroth, Bosch, HPI, Denison, Sauer Sundstrand, Parker, Commercial Hydraulic, Dowty, Ultra, Yuken and many more.

Additionally, the business undergoes repairs of pumps, motors, cylinders, servovalves and hydraulic servo-distributors.

The new FluidPowerNet Member highlights the 10 ways they make a difference to their customers:

  • A real specialization on all hydraulic equipment!
  • A large stock available, in most brands!
  • An attentive and very responsive sales department!
  • A parts research service on three continents!
  • An experienced repair shop for all ranges!
  • A team of assistance, assembly and troubleshooting on site!
  • A design office and personalized realizations
  • A real diversification across all trades!
  • A catalogue available online to help you choose!
  • A material scrupulously checked before delivery!

If you think DHPS can help your company, visit their website here.

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