New FluidPowerNet Member – Oleobi srl

New FluidPowerNet Member - Oleobi srl

Oleobi was established in the 1980s and is one of the reference players in the design and construction of intelligent power plants in the industrial sector and globally. In 2016 they became part of the Flodraulic group and has invested in the introduction and development of resources that, at a technical, planning, and managerial level, can contribute to the growth that an international group can aspire to. 

The new member of FluidPowerNet are global distributors of many recognised brands such as Parker, Sun Hydraulics, Beka, Atos, Rexroth, Casappa and many more.

The company’s production lines are divided into:

  • Hydraulic power units (HPU- Hydraulic Power Units)
  • Hydraulic Blocks (Manifolds)
  • Test benches
  • Plant commissioning and maintenance service
  • Resale of commercial components

If you want more information about Oleobi, visit their website or get in touch with them today!

Phone: +39 051 6065111

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