The challenges and partnerships of Parmafluid


Parmafluid, like any company in the fluid power industry, ensured the company was keeping up with the pace of change the industry was going through on a yearly basis. We spoke to both Parmafluid and their sister company VHS Hydraulic Components about how they’ve faced these challenges.

In the fluid power business world, companies face challenges relentlessly, whether that be financial, political or experimental. For Parmafluid, starting on the edges of Parma in Italy, the challenge of evolving to meet the ever-changing market has guided them for 32 years.
It all started in 1987 when 4 ambitious businessmen from across Italy combined their joint passion for becoming leading distributors of hydraulic components. Over the years, Parmafluid has joined forces with 2 prominent British hydraulic companies:

There aren’t many trios in the world of Fluid Power as well known as Parmafluid srl, VHS Hydraulic Components and Neilson Hydraulics
& Engineering, who was acquired by VHS in 2018. Parmafluid’s Sales Manager, Federico Ferrari, acting president of the 3 companies, believes firmly that all three companies specialise in key areas that complement each other: “We try to offer the most complete hydraulic package taking the best from each company. For Parmafluid, VHS offers the impeccable distribution of our brands and Neilson for the systems design and integration, giving the best possibility to cover the UK and Irish market. This now allows us to offer dedicated personnel that know the business, the products and the British way of working very well.”

For Parmafluid and VHS, it all started in 2002, when the Italian Fluid Power distributor, Parmafluid srl contacted Sheffield based
hydraulic manufacturer VHS Hydraulic Components about the possibility of becoming a sister company in order to benefit the
strengths of both businesses:
“We’ve admired Parmafluid for many years as a well-respected and recognised global, system designer, cylinder manufacturer and component distributor for many top leading brands in the hydraulic field. Given the close relationship between VHS and Parmafluid prior to the merging in 2002, it almost became an overnight success story. VHS was able to draw on the many years of experience from Parmafluid, quickly establishing a strong foothold in the UK hydraulic market as a supplier for OEM’s, end-users and other distributors,” said Wayne Griffiths, VHS Sales Manager.

Following the acquisition of Neilson Hydraulics & Engineering Ltd, both Parmafluid and their partner VHS Hydraulic Components benefited hugely from the design and manufacturing range of Neilson Hydraulics & Engineering, strengthening the market position of the trio.

The trio continued to strengthen their position this year with participation at the two biggest hydraulic exhibitions – Hannover Messe and Bauma. “Both events are a great occasion to meet dealers from all over the world and to promote our power packs and manifolds.  It’s very important to stay close and act as a team, it makes the message clearer to the people who don’t know the group very well. This ensures our business targets aren’t divided in a geographical way, we focus on the worldwide market. Additionally, Neilson presented a new screed mixer truck application designed in the UK at Bauma. No better place to let the world know” said, Federico. Parmafluid and their partners’ participation in these exhibitions hasn’t been the first in the last few years. In 2016 they exhibited for the first time at Eima Bologna and Federico believes events like this are perfect for their group: “These events are an excellent place to speak directly with OEMs not only from Italy and the UK but globally, to see all the news from this sector and how the world is quickly changing.”

Moving forward, Federico believes the group can progress, with planned new distributors: “We are always developing and evolving, so we’re a smart company ready to face future challenges. We’re investing in young talent,  finding new business friends and new distributors such as in North America. There are lots to move forward with, and as a group, we face those challenges and targets head-on, every day, together.”

At Parmafluid, VHS and Neilson we believe in future technologies and networking. FluidPowerNet is a smart hydraulic social network that helps you meet people, find new opportunities and solve problems. We are happy to be part of this family and as a member, we are happy to help all the other members with our stock and support!



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