‘Everything Hydraulic’ to meet future demand.

The future-focused ambitions of FlowFit and its laser-focused Chief Executive Simon Parsonage.

To tell the story of a company striving to become the best at what they’re doing, we usually begin at their origins.

This helps the reader to understand where a company came from and how they’ve been shaped.

However, UK based Hydraulics manufacturer, Flowfit strive to be synonymous with innovation, expertise and fulfilment. Therefore, it’s important to focus first on the future of Flowfit and work our way back.

Based in Ludlow in Shropshire, Flowfit are currently one of the biggest manufacturers of hydraulic parts in the UK – their ambitions have been shaped by their experience and expansive facilities, with offices comprising 28,000 square feet.

Flowfit also has a vast engineering department, with their dedicated team of technical engineers able to respond to wide ranging engineering and manufacturing needs.

Their two acre, top of the line manufacturing facilities are also primed to expand in the future.

Chief Executive and founder of the company, Simon Parsonage, believes it won’t be long until FlowFit are the biggest hydraulic distribution and engineering facility in the UK:

“We’re firmly looking to the future, with expansion being a huge part of how Flowfit has progressed into a global brand. It’s not just about the size of the company that’s expanded, but the warehouse capacity has grown exponentially.”

Where their current ambitions position themselves has evolved from a number of key elements from Simon’s experience, with his team. One of the key elements has been passion for the trade:

“If you want to start up a business and make it successful, you have to live and breathe your business, all the time. I was invested in my hydraulics business from day one, whether that’s been serving customers,
manufacturing exceptional products made with love, or building a team that works as hard as you do.”

Indeed, it’s this past that Simon looks on so fondly but is laser-focused on where they can go:

“I am so excited to take this company forward with plans to make us a total one-stop supplier for hydraulic components and systems both nationally and internationally. Flowfit will be synonymous with innovation, expertise and fulfilment.

Deciding in 1996 at the age of 33, with 17 years of experience under my belt, to focus my efforts purely in the hydraulic industry in our small offices in Rock House, Cinderford was one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Find out how Flowfit can help you by emailing – sales@flowfitonline.com or by calling +44 158 4876033 or visit www.flowfitonline.com

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