Kolben reduces machine downtime with their hydraulic services.

Working in a number of sectors, we explore what makes the Italian hydraulic company a key player in the maintenance and component market.

In the beautifully characterful city of Faenza in Italy, a few kilometres from Bologna, sits the office of Kolben Hydraulics.

Kolben has been in the hydraulics industry for over 20 years and covers a number of sectors, offering a wide range of services from maintenance before and after startup, for medium and large dimension systems:

“We consider ourselves a reference point in the hydraulic components market, with the most important global brands. Staff are trained and experienced in the hydraulic field,” commented Head of Procurement & Sales, Elena Benati.

Elena and her team work hard to offer overhaul and maintenance services on hydraulic components, motors and pumps, control valves for mobile, industrial, rail and marine sectors.

Kolben offers their services to a variety of sectors, furthering their reputation. One of these is the mobile industry.

“Kolben is equipped with specific instruments for maintenance and repair of hydraulic products for harvesting machines, concrete mixers, forklifts, asphalt pavers and self-propelled sprayers. So when we are contacted, we have the right components for checking and reconditioning products to reduce downtime of the machines,” said Elena.

Visit the website: www.kolben.it

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