One year on and an exciting future ahead!


FluidPowerNet has been through a lot of developments last year – both software and activity-wise. Following a successful beta test at Drives & Controls in April 2018 and an official launch at Hannover Messe 2019 we now have more than 100 members in our community.
The fantastic response we received from the industry gave us even more confidence that a solution like FluidPowerNet is a much-needed resource. There are more than 200 companies (members and companies testing the site) listing their inventory on FPN,
and you can now find pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic parts from more than 300 brands, in our database. None of this would be possible without every single one of you using our platform. You are creating the marketplace, we are only facilitating it.

If you haven’t already used FluidPowerNet – contact us and help contribute to the marketplace. It’s still the beginning of our journey and many of you have already shared challenges in the industry which FluidPowerNet could possibly solve. If you want to speak
with us about your ideas and suggestions, please contact us at


As you can see on the infographic above, there are currently certain brands that are more popular than others.
One of the reasons is that we have focused our marketing efforts on starting cooperation with companies who stock particular brands.
These are the brands with the longest lead times, obsolescence or are out of production. We have identified Bosch Rexroth, Sun Hydraulic,
Hydac, Parker, Eaton Vickers (and other Eaton brands) and a couple of others as the ones you struggle with most.
It’s still a long journey ahead but the trade in these brands has improved dramatically this year and lots of you have
reported that you found FluidPowerNet very useful to find these parts.

Most popular items are valves, pumps and motors, however, we are seeing more and more requests for cylinders, manifolds, measuring instrumentation, coolers and switches.

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