Emergency respirators in record time

For the past three weeks, FFI has led an innovation day that will strengthen the capacity of Norwegian hospitals. Today, Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) announced at the government’s press conference that the initiative has succeeded.

The emergency respirator will be produced in Kristiansand by the Norwegian technology company Servi in collaboration with Lærdal Medical . The original idea came from civil engineer and technology entrepreneur Eivind Gransæther of Edge Health Technologies.

“We are very pleased with what we have achieved in less than three weeks. But first and foremost, we are happy that together we have managed to come up with a solution that can help save lives if the corona pandemic exceeds the capacity of the health care system” says Hanne Bjørk, director of research at FFI.

The development has involved some of the country’s foremost competence environments in research and development, technological industrial design and medical professional environments.

FFI’s role has been to lead, coordinate and quality-assure the innovation and development process from idea to prototype, and prepare the Norwegian authorities for rapid procurement and implementation.

I am impressed with FFI’s expertise, professionalism and ability to lead a rapid innovation run with multiple players in such a smooth and efficient way.

“This multidisciplinary innovation has been a good test and validation of FFI’s new concept for rapid innovation and technology development,” says Bjørk.

The innovation model is based on close and effective triangular collaboration between research, industrial players and end users.

Effective collaboration

The coronary pandemic has triggered an urgent need for respirators worldwide, and the delivery times from manufacturers are therefore both longer and more uncertain than normal. With the Norwegian-developed emergency respirator, the capacity of Norwegian hospitals will now be strengthened to avoid a situation such as in Italy, where respiratory deficiency has resulted in people who could have been saved did not reach the priority of who should receive respiratory care.

“It has been inspiring and educational to work so closely with FFI and the other partners in this unique development project. I am impressed with FFI’s expertise, professionalism and ability to lead a rapid innovation run with several players in such a smooth and efficient way” says Tore Lærdal, CEO of Lærdal Medical.

To further strengthen national health preparedness, the Armed Forces’ sanitation is looking at the possibilities of integrating the emergency respirators with its field hospital concept. The goal is to be able to offer the hospitals relief if the need for intensive bed space is also higher than the hospitals can offer.

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