“We believe the true value of a business is its people.” – Blue Hydraulics

With Blue Hydraulics still in its early days, their business success has come at a frantic pace. We talk to owners Frédéric Besse and Jérôme Dardillac about the reason for their growing reputation.

Hello Frédéric and Jérôme! We’d love to hear about your background. Where did you get the idea of starting Blue Hydraulics?
Frédéric: “Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share our story. We met in 2012 whilst working at TME Hydraulics, where Jérôme was the Managing Director. After the company was purchased by a private equity firm in 2015, the focus of the business switched rapidly from ‘a passion for hydraulic fluid power’ to one of ‘growth and financial return’. That’s when we decided to create Blue Hydraulics, a new
business built on human values and driven by passion above financial interests.”

What do you feel Blue Hydraulics has achieved in the three years since the company was set up?
Jérôme: “We’re very proud of what the business has achieved so far! After successfully completing some large-scale engineering projects for the offshore industry, and due to our growing reputation, the company secured more contracts to become a major player within the industry.
The team grew rapidly at the impressive pace of almost one new employee per month at our peak, eventually stabilising at 24 employees.”
Frédéric: “In our first three years, the company has already achieved many milestones including obtaining ISO 9001 certification, becoming a Bosch Rexroth® Sales Partner and Tube-Mac® UK Authorised Installer (Weld Free Piping Technologies), as well as
moving into large and modern premises at the beginning of 2019. The company has also expanded its offer by adding new services. It now consists of five main activities: Design & Consulting, System Manufacture, Installation & Piping, Service & Support and finally Parts Distribution with the aim of covering all our customer needs in hydraulics.”

What has been the essential components of your business so far? 
Frédéric: “Although profitability is essential for any business, Jérôme and I strongly believed that the true value of a hydraulic business is
found in its people, and its focus should always be kept on technical knowledge and customer service to enable financial success. That shared
belief has been and will remain at the heart of our business project.”
Jérôme: “Our vision for Blue Hydraulics has always been straightforward – to create a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers
who shared their passion for hydraulic fluid power.”

Why did you choose to become a member of FluidPowerNet?
Frédéric: “Unlike many other fields, reliable hydraulic suppliers must be very specialised, knowledgeable and experienced which makes
them rare and hard to find. We believe that FluidPowerNet enables customers to get access to the specialist services they are looking for and to source parts more efficiently. We are very excited by this new opportunity and look forward to working with many more new distributors through this innovative marketplace.”

Now recognised as a UK leader in the Hydraulic Fluid Power Industry, the company continues to adhere to the values that made it a success.
Fuelled by continuous investment in its people and innovation, Blue Hydraulics along with partners like FluidPowerNet, aim to bring the
Hydraulic Fluid Power Industry into a new era.


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