A passion for hydraulics and the chance to give back to the community: AAH Fluid Power Inc

From starting in a garage in 2002 to owning a 30 000 square foot building with 25 employees, AAH Fluid Power Inc as a hydraulics company, is much more than the products they sell. We spoke to their founders, husband and wife team, Greg and Dawn Guzik.

For Greg and Dawn Guzik, starting AAH Fluid Power Inc allowed them to combine their passions for not only running a business but also giving back to the local community in Chesterfield, Michigan. This enabled them to do these things at a higher level by hiring new
people and providing superior hydraulic products for businesses around them.

“We really wanted to build a strong team to take care of customers and we’re very aware of how competitive the local hydraulic industry was,” commented Dawn. Working by the motto of “Our world revolves around you”, AAH Fluid Power Inc has always aimed to provide the best possible service and product in an ever-changing industry, especially with the introduction of quality aftermarket products. “As a business, it’s imperative that we continue to evolve with the times so we always have the necessary experience to be able to service a variety of old and new products; it’s so important to us,” said Greg.

So how did AAH Fluid Power Inc start?
Usually, the story goes that business partners work together based on their interests and experience. With Greg and Dawn, it was a little more than that – they wanted to be more than a local business: “I met my wife when she was running
her own day-care business. At the time, I was working for our now competitors and had done so for many years, from a very young age. I always loved working with my hands and started in the hydraulics industry working for my Dad’s best friend in 1985. When I met Dawn, it made so much sense to combine her business experience and my passion for hydraulics to not only create something I’m passionate about but for both our experiences to combine in order to give back to Chesterfield and the wider area.”

For example, the company gives food to the homeless donate to a local cancer charity and sponsors the local baseball and hockey teams.
But talk to any business owner, and they’ll tell you how challenging it is to break into an industry, starting from nothing:
“With very little capital to work with, we had to give everything we could afford to get the business up and running. Naturally, it took several years to begin making a profit. Our competitors were already well established so the challenge of securing customers was a significant undertaking.” Luckily, not burning bridges leads to new opportunities. This was very much the case for Greg and Dawn: “A few customers that I used to service reached out to me and thankfully it all began from there. These customers referred us to others and so the business began to grow. I don’t know where we would be if I hadn’t kept those customers in mind.”

Over the last 17 years, Greg and Dawn have built a great team and are thrilled the company is now able to offer customers a wider array of options than when they started: “We now have so many different capabilities from a new replacement quality product line to remanufactured pumps, motors and valves. Being able to offer our customers such a wide array of options while being cost-effective is a huge accomplishment for us. Our niche in this industry is being a leader in providing repair service to our customers which has really set us apart from our competition.” And in this ever-changing industry, Greg and Dawn are keen to continue to evolve with the times, including finding new ways to gain more exposure:

“We’re always on the lookout for new avenues to get the company out there to our customers. FluidPowerNet has given us the opportunity to gain more exposure to potential new customers that will further enable AAH Fluid Power inc to grow and help customers all over the world.”

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