New Elika gear pump is quiet, efficient

Marzocchi Pompe, a manufacturer of high-performance gear pumps and motors based in Bologna, Italy, just introduced its new ELIKA 1P pump at the Automotive CTI Symposium. The event, held in Berlin, focused on intelligent, hybrid and electric vehicle drivetrains.

ELIKA gear pumps have a proprietary tooth profile and housing geometry that reduce pressure oscillations and vibrations.
The 1P is the latest addition to the ELIKA family, the low noise, high efficiency and low pulsation range of pumps developed by Marzocchi Pompe in close collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Bologna.

ELIKA pumps are suited for applications requiring low noise and high efficiency, particularly at low speeds, according to the company. The products reportedly reduce noise emissions by as much as 15 dBA compared to traditional external gear pumps. Maximum working pressures of 300 bar are similar to those for the GHP series (cast iron/aluminium).

The unit’s proprietary tooth profile and housing geometry considerably reduce pressure oscillations and vibrations transmitted to other components connected to the pump — hoses, tank and valves — producing numerous advantages in the circuit and equipment. The helical gear effectively guarantees the continuity of movement despite a low number of teeth. Having fewer teeth also significantly reduces the fundamental frequencies of noise output and results in a more pleasant sound, said the company.

ELIKA handles a wide range of rotation speeds, pressures and viscosities, and the pump’s structure minimizes leaks and maximizes volumetric efficiency under all operating conditions. The quiet-running ELIKA pump is often a better option for applications which currently use a more-expensive screw, vane or internal-gear pumps. And it is particularly suited for equipment which uses inverters or variable-speed drives to regulate the speed of actuators.

The new 1P version combines the advantages of the ELIKA design in a smaller size and displacement, a requirement for applications in the automotive sector. According to Gabriele Bonfiglioli, CEO of Marzocchi Pompe, “We are happy to present ELIKA 1P during such an important event as the CTI Automotive Symposium. The automotive market is looking for increasingly customized solutions and with ELIKA 1P we want to respond to the growing needs of users. I would like to underline that ELIKA is a range on which we are focusing a lot because we believe it can be one of our main drivers of growth for the oncoming years. In August 2019 we completed the investment of the new ELIKA assembly department, at the beginning of 2020 a new gearing machine is scheduled to be launched which will allow us to increase the production capacity of the related gears.”

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