Expansion & Expertise: FluidPowerNet welcomes Knoll Hydraulik GmbH & Co.

As an 89-year-old business, Knoll Hydraulik GmbH has evolved to become specialists in the field of hydraulics. So much so, that one of the phrases on their website is “You will not become a specialist overnight.”

This business model of specialism, or expertise, has helped the expansion of the Bindlach based German company, starting from the establishment of a Bosch service in the 1930s, to the expansion of Knoll through the takeover of Austrian hydraulic specialist – Eurofluid Hydraulik GmbH.

Their experience has led to expertise in the hydraulic sector, with Knoll Hydraulik being specialists in custom development, assembly, and maintenance of hydraulic systems and fluid technology.

If Knoll Hydraulik can help your company, visit their website.

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