Founded on innovation & practicality: Röco GmbH joins FluidPowerNet.

Röco GmbH was founded near Dortmund, Germany in 1957 as a technical wholesaler with the aim of supplying the mining industry; a time of great transition for both the industry and the country.

In the 62 years of customer service in the fluid power industry, innovative technology has been at the heart of the Röco GmbH business model.
A great example of Röco GmbH working with innovative technology takes us back to 1975, when Röco GmbH (known as Röttcher at the time) was one of the first trading companies in Dortmund and worked using a data processing system from now world-renowned electronics company Phillips. A first in the region.

Fast forward to this decade, and with a brand-new warehouse and additional offices constructed in Dortmund along with the expansion of the management team, their expansion was heightened following their membership to FluidPowerNet in June 2019.

With over 90 qualified employees, Röco GmbH provides a comprehensive hydraulic service, with the latest innovative products.
If Röco can help your company, visit their website.

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