Germany’s largest Norgren dealer joins the FluidPowerNet marketplace

Over 33 years ago, Germany’s largest Norgren dealer, Voortmann GmbH & Co. KG Steuerungstechnik, was founded in a garage. In May 2019, Voortmann officially joined FluidPowerNet and are active users of the marketplace.

Back in 1986, Voortmann began selling solely pneumatic components and has now developed into a fluid power dominator specialising in pneumatics, compressed air, hydraulics, electrical engineering, loading technology and spraying.

Pneumatic components

Voortmann have acquired a diverse set of manufacturers giving them the ability to supply pneumatics with the highest quality with quick delivery. Their pneumatic range consists of drives/cylinders, valves, compressed air preparation equipment, pressure switches or connections.

Pneumatic valve terminals

Valve terminals are believed to be the core factor of decentralized pneumatic automation, opening up the possibility of solving small automation tasks with integrated control. This way, valve terminals can help implement user-specific automation concepts.

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If Voortmann can help your company, visit their website or email here.

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