Daman partners with Schroeder Industries to offer filtration components

Daman Products has announced that it has partnered with Schroeder Industries to offer more reliable integrated solutions to its distributors. Through this partnership, Daman has optimized flow characteristics by eliminating the filter head and therefore reducing distributor costs.

Daman can assemble or provide loose Schroeder filtration components for all Daman integrated manifold solutions, including 14-CRZX and 20-CRZX cartridge elements.

These are designed to be mounted directly in the manifold to save overall space and provide minimum clearance through direct internal connection and low maintenance with few spare parts. Using these designs eliminates excess hoses and fittings to minimize leaking potential and provides component protection for proportional and servo circuits. Schroeder’s cartridge elements withstand high-pressure surges with a 3,000 psi collapse rating.

In addition, it will offer NMF and RMF manifold filter kits, which promote compact design for hydraulic systems by integrating multiple components into one manifold. They also reduce excessive connection clutters with internal pathways in the manifold and minimize leaking potential and improve system troubleshooting through centralizing connections in one location. Finally, the manifold filter kits provide ease of use through a packaged solution without the need for individual orders for each component.

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