Welcome to our new member – AAH Fluid Power Inc.

We heartily welcome a new fluid power company to join the FluidPowerNet marketplace – AAH Fluid Power Inc.

AAH Fluid Power Inc. were one of the first American companies to join the FluidPowerNet marketplace and featured in our first member’s magazine – ‘Drop the Pressure’.

Started by couple Dawn and Greg Guzik in 2002, the company allowed them to combine their passions for running a business, as well as giving back to the local community in Chesterfield, Michigan.

Not only do they run a successful hydraulic company, but they also give food to the homeless, donates to a local cancer charity and sponsors the local baseball and hockey teams.

AAH Fluid Power Inc. joined our marketplace in the summer of 2019 and were keen to find new ways to gain exposure:

“We’re always on the lookout for new avenues to get the company out there to our customers. FluidPowerNet has given us the opportunity to gain more exposure to potential new customers that will further enable AAH Fluid Power Inc to grow and help customers all over the world,” said co-owner, Dawn Guzik.

AAH Fluid Power will also exhibit at IFPE / Con-expo next year, March 10-14 2020. Visit their booth: South Hall 3 – S81359

Dawn and Greg are delighted to receive inquiries. Contact their Customer Service Manager – Bridget Cartwright – bridget@aahfluidpower.com.

Alternatively, head to their website – http://www.aahfluidpower.com



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