Welcome our newest member – Hydrokrak sp. z o.o.

We’re proud to introduce the latest member of FluidPowerNet – Hydrokrak sp. z o.o.

Trading since 1992 from Bielsko-Biała in Poland, Hydrokrak distribute power hydraulics supported by professional, technical consultancy.

Their commitment to quality is second to none due to Hydrokrak staff constantly searching for reliable suppliers, allowing them to build lasting business relationships with their contractors.

Specialising in a wide range of products, this Polish-based distributor offers hydraulics components to an array of industries including leading producers of agricultural, fruit-growing, forestry, municipal machines as well as industrial hydraulics.

Find out how Hydrokrak can help your business, no matter what you specialise in:

Visit their website: https://www.hydrokrak.pl/

Or contact directly: Tel. +48 795 481 454 / a.miklusiak@hydrokrak.pl


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