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HKTM as a Bosh Rexroth sales partner has the biggest spare parts stock capacity in Turkey. We are very successful when it comes to Hydraulic projects, inside and outside the country. Our general principle is to focus, understand and evaluate customer demands

Our work is placed on trust and we work towards the goal that our customers come back to us safe in the knowledge that our results are reliable, repeatable and meet legislative standards. Which leads us providing and working according to Quality, Environmental and Customer Satisfaction Standards, which are being reviewed annually.

Highest level of service quality is guaranteed by dealing with fully qualified suppliers in addition to highly experienced and well-trained technical staff in the company. Each department has engineers who are specialized for their field and being trained and updated with new technologies for each of their departments. We always set goals for improvement and work towards them constantly.

We operate in Hydromechanics and Mechanic Automation & Robotic area, all different departments, locally and globally.  For all of them, we have specialized engineers who are well trained for projects and spare parts sales as well. Besides this, we have our own R&D department, where we do Project, System & Product Development.

We have our very own production of Hydraulic Cylinders and Rotary Actuators. In the middle of 2018 we started with the production and development of Cartesian System – Three Axis Robots as well.


Brands we specialise in:

REXROTH: All hydraulic, pneumatic, lineer, servo products
ROTH: Bladder accumulator, diaphragm accumulator, piston accumulator,
nitrogen bottles, (old-named bolenz&schäfer)
EMB: Hydraulic interconnect components
GATES: Hydraulic hoses, Hydraulic hoses machines
SITEMA: Clamping units and brakes for mechanical engineering
GRACO: Silicon dosing, lubricating systems and grease pump
KTR: Coupling, bellhosing, tork limiter, Hydraulic accessories
WITTENSTEIN: Reductors, gears,
TURCK: Sensors, fieldbus, machine safety systems
DUFF-NORTON: Screw jacks, rotary unions
STAUFF:    Diagtronics and Filtration technology
ARTESIS:      Predictive maintenance products


Visit our website here: www.hktm.com.tr


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