Camozzi launches Series DRCS drives

Camozzi Automation has introduced Series DRCS drives for use in conjunction with its stepper motors into its C_Electrics product portfolio. Compact and optimised in one size, the fully digital drives have been specially configured for all small and medium sized Camozzi stepper motors.

Capable of controlling Stepper motors with 2 phases and micro stepping feed, they are able to calculate the normal resonance frequency of the motors and optimise their driving. The use of the micro stepping technique (up to 1/128 of steps) enables the drive to almost replicate a sinusoidal current, while considerably reducing the natural resonance of the motor itself.

The availability of 8 inputs allows 256 different commands, allowing position, speed, acceleration and deceleration to be set for absolute precision. Each command can be absolute or relative positioning. Furthermore, it is possible to control driving in frequency by using the step and direction commands. The frequency defines the speed, while the number of steps defines the position.

Wired configuration can be achieved by means of USB 2.0, whilst wireless configuration is offered via Bluetooth protocol BL-BLE.

The system takes full advantage of NCF technology, enabling production and statistical data to be extracted; factors that are critical in meeting the requirements of Industry 4.0. Feedback is given by way of an incremental encoder, with an app determining and self-compensating any errors which may have been on the drive.

Series DRCS drives are equipped with the serial protocol CANopen CiA301 and CiA402, enabling commands for motion control and integration for monitoring the drive’s state.



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