The application of Hydraulics and Pneumatics across every sector of industry worldwide, are now being interfaced at various levels with Electrical/Electronic Control Systems of some kind.

From Apprentice level through to Qualified Engineers, the knowledge and skills levels must now take into consideration this additional technology and be part of Integrated Systems Engineering.

Here at the NFPC, we consider our combination of Stage 1 Hydraulics, Stage 1 Electro-Pneumatics and  Stage 1 Electronics Courses applied to Mobile or Industrial Systems as the ideal foundation programme for Integrated Systems Engineering, together with complimentary Competence Based Qualifications for each.

These same foundation courses relating to Hydraulics and Pneumatics meet and exceed the Minimum Education Recommendations put forward by the BFPA. The Hydraulics and Pneumatics elements of this combination of courses have also been validated by the Institute of Quarrying and granted 18 hours of CPD per course.

The industry no longer requires single technology-related staff but those who can manage and maintain Integrated Systems.

Your journey into the world of Integrated Systems starts here with us. By attending the National Fluid Power Centre you will gain additional vital knowledge and skills supported by World Class practical facilities and 8 of the UK’s top Systems Training Engineers with a vast experience in the maintenance and Management of Integrated Systems.

As we make use of more and more intelligent, internet lead control systems interfaced to the muscle and speed of Hydraulics and Pneumatics the role of Maintenance Staff is changing and therefore the skills and knowledge requirement must follow.

The NFPC as an Industry lead Training Centre sees its prime role in supporting the development of the UK’s workforce, ensuring our future competitiveness and economic growth.

Integrated Systems Engineering is here to stay and the National Fluid Power Centre is the UK’s flagship to secure your future.

Source: http://www.nfpc.co.uk/integrated-systems-engineering/

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