Seals increase reliability and reduce cost of ownership

Seals increase reliability and reduce cost of ownership


Designed to meet the dimensional standard ISO 21049, to fit ISO 3069 seal chambers, means that the ICS2 cartridge mechanical seal can be used to replace inferior seals that are installed into hundreds of differing pump & mixer models.

Already the choice for many companies worldwide, the ISC2 Series of mechanical seals provide reliability and standardisation over a wide variety of applications and equipment.

Improve operational efficiency throughout your facility

Based on an extensive global review of equipment requirements, performance expectations, service conditions and best practices, the ISC2 Series comprises highly capable general-purpose cartridge seals. Flowserve claims manufacturing plants and industrial processes that standardise with ISC2 seals can benefit from less inventory, greater flexibility, rapid availability and repairs, less downtime and longer seal life.

Protect your employees, protect your environment

ISC2 seals do more to provide a safe work environment and protect the natural environment than other standard cartridge seals. Single seals have capable throttle bushings to protect against leaks. Pressurised double seals provide zero process emissions. The outboard seal of the Flowserve ICS2 double seals can handle full operating conditions if the inboard seal were to fail. All seal faces are dual balanced for normal and reverse pressure operation.

ISC2 seals work hard to eliminate the possible causes of failure & leakage: Robust seal face drive mechanisms, highly efficiency barrier (re)circulation, and high-quality materials all contribute to the improved seal life associated with this seal. Moreover, with multiple operating conditions, and frequent starts/stops, this seal offers resilience. Thermal management, and fluid presence, technology can also be employed in which to further protect against dry running.

Shaun Hampson, managing director of Flowserve SIHI, said: “The ICS2 cartridge seal is the operator’s choice when pump or mixer failure isn’t an acceptable, nor imaginable, option.”

Capable of sustaining years of uninterrupted, long-term operation, Flowserve comments that the ISC2 seals could be the standard to suit all of your needs – across your whole operation.



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