Custom suction cup picks brittle lasagna sheets

Custom suction cup picks brittle lasagna sheets

Piab is introducing a suction cup specifically designed to handle thin and brittle food items such as the sheets of pasta used in lasagna or very thin slices of cracker bread. A tailor-made solution, the food contact approved F-BXT cup is designed with an extra-long and thin lip enabling it to handle fragile pasta sheets with special care. Approved for direct food picking, the nimble cup will guarantee safe, secure and hygienic automated procedures for, for instance, lasagna sheets or similar items.

Developed by Piab’s highly experienced design team, the F-BXT cup has no pockets in which dust and dirt can collect, and is easy to keep clean. It can be washed in situ, rendering disassembly unnecessary. Made of silicone approved for food contact, the cup meets the most stringent hygiene standards. It is supplied with food grade fittings in either stainless steel or plastic, both materials that comply with FDA and EU 1935 regulations.

The detectable, blue cup is suitable for use with visual inspection systems favored by the food industry. The cup and its fittings also comply with metal detectors available on the market. The combination of 2-½ funnel-shaped bellows and a stable body with a large vacuum flow orifice enables a steady hold on products, even at high speed and in quickly accelerating systems.

Like other cups in Piab’s extensive range of food contact approved suction cups, the F-BXT cup eliminates the need for expensive and cumbersome spring brackets/plungers on ejectors or robot end-of-arm tools, resulting in simpler and less expensive installations.

Dedicated to vacuum-based automation, Piab serves a broad range of industries with both their standard and their application- and industry-specific suction cups. The company’s vacuum engineering staff includes a team of skilled designers that are able to offer customers bespoke suction cup solutions.


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